The Consultancy for Development of the Rural Energy Master Plan will provide REA with an up-to-date tool for planning and implementation of rural energy provision meeting targets set in national policies and strategies as well as Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) and for exploitation and utilisation of renewable energy sources particularly in areas that will not be reached by the electricity grid in the period up to 2030. This tool is the Rural Energy Master Plan (REMP) 2019-2030.

The resources and institutional capacities that will be required to implement the REMP are an important factor that will be assessed. Specific recommendations for policy and institutional priorities and actions will be an integrated part of the REMP.

As such, the assignment involves two main processes: 

  • Development of a national master plan for rural energy provision reconciling electricity services and improved and improved solutions (technologies and fuels) for cooking. This will include development of a Rural Energy Supply Plan, followed by a financing plan and analysis of policy and institutional implications, and completed with a 12-year period implementation strategy and programme.

  • Elaboration of additional tools and resources for decision making and REMP implementation, with emphasis on the capacity to further develop and implement this methodology, positioning REA and the other key stakeholders as main actors for monitoring and further reviewing the REMP. This includes the database which forms the base of the REMP, required training of REA’s institutional capacities in the use of the tools will be provided, and a monitoring tool for the follow up of the process of providing energy access in Tanzania.